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Connectivity Services

Friday, May 06, 2016

Connectivity Services

Melita runs a mature and fully redundant nationwide fibre optic network aimed at offering the very best class in connectivity services. Melita’s Madliena-based data centre is the only carrier-neutral facility in Malta, and it has been setup to provide customers with the best possible choice.

Dedicated, high capacity point-to-point international circuits enable Melita’s customers to extend their network to any remote location in the world. These high capacity links can be delivered as a Layer 3 solution through IP transit, or as a point-to-point service over MPLS or a managed Ethernet.

Traffic to mainland Europe is transited through multiple submarine cables out of Malta. These links are then interconnected to a redundant fibre optic backbone belonging to Melita’s partners in Italy, and which then connect onwards to all major hubs in Europe and beyond. Melita also has a direct point-of-presence (PoP) in Milan, where it peers with the world’s largest Tier I internet providers, Level 3 and Telia. This allows Melita’s customers to benefit from enterprise-grade symmetric Internet connectivity from diverse providers at no contention, with low latency and at high speeds.

The Melita Data Centre provides the following services:

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