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Financial Services & Fin-Tech

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Financial Services and FinTech

The financial services industry includes companies that offer regulated services to clients, or professional services to regulated entities. Amongst these we find banks, fund managers, insurance companies but also professionals offering accountancy, auditing, tax advisory, consultancy and corporate services. Financial services form part of a very delicate sector due to the nature of what they do and their access to sensitive information. Financial services companies use technology and dedicated software applications, thus enabling them to provide a better service to their clients.

Due to the sensitive nature and high-standard compliance requirements, security is at the forefront. Hosting at the Melita Data Centre provides them with peace of mind that they have all the necessary security in place. The Data Centre’s high standards and dedication to compliance ensures that there is virtually no downtime, which would not be possible within their own IT infrastructure. Finally, the Data Centre also promises complete customisation to its clients, thus ensuring there are no limitations when it comes to changes and company developments.

The key regulators in this area are the Malta Financial Services Authority as well as the Central Bank of Malta.

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