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Client Segments

Remote Gaming

Malta is an excellent gaming jurisdiction, particularly because it is highly-regulated and offers very favourable incentives for companies to setup their base here resulting in an influx of gaming companies on the island.

Online gaming companies host sensitive information, such as user data and payment details meaning that a robust, secure, reliable IT infrastructure that guarantees practically no downtime is an absolute must. Moreover, as the industry is constantly evolving, these needs may become more demanding and scalable, so it is vital for highly-trained IT personnel to constantly be on standby.

A reliable data centre service provider is becoming increasingly indispensable as companies do not have the time, money, personnel or scalability to cater for such highly-sensitive needs. The Melita Data Centre offers tailor-made solutions and provides a dedicated team of personnel highly specialised and experienced in administering gaming support.

The remote gaming sector in Malta is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority.


Financial Services & Fin-Tech

The financial services industry includes companies that offer accountancy, auditing, tax services, consultancy and corporate services. Financial services form part of a very delicate sector due to the nature of what they do and their access to sensitive information. Financial services companies use technology and dedicated software applications, thus enabling them to provide a better service to their clients.

Due to the sensitive nature and high-standard compliance requirements, security is at the forefront. Hosting at the Melita Data Centre provides them with peace of mind that they have all the necessary security in place. The Data Centre’s high standards and dedication to compliance ensures that there is virtually no downtime, which would not be possible within their own IT infrastructure. Finally, the Data Centre also promises complete customisation to its clients, thus ensuring there are no limitations when it comes to changes and company developments.

The financial services & banking sectors in Malta are regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority.



ICT Services

ICT is now part of our everyday lives. This is equally reflected in working environments and everyday company operations. The high level of applications being used and constantly-evolving requirements for faster and more reliable bandwidth, also means that there has to be a backbone. Most companies do not have the in-house knowledge, expertise or infrastructure to cater for these needs alone.

System integrators and ICT companies come into play to cater for clients’ needs and high expectations. With practically every company now being ICT dependent, the number of these clients is ever-increasing, while the level of service required is also on the rise.

Demands on ICT companies and system integrators are high, and they have no time to worry about downtime, lack of reliability, lack of personnel, abidance to new regulations, scalability and so on. To combat this, the Melita Data Centre services a large number of companies from the ICT industry, enabling them to avail of our consistent and high-level services so that they can, in turn, use their resources to exceed their clients’ expectations.